Thursday, November 12, 2009


1. One does not speak of God to people who have entered life’s moments of intimacy fully and vulnerably any more than one speaks of God to those who have entered fully and vulnerably into life’s moments of loneliness. Words intended to inform about who God is or how he is present in our lives are useless and unnecessary when people have found God concrete.
2. Nothing is totally incompatible with Christianity as doing something selfish.
3. True human intimacy is the fusion of personalities that still leaves all personalities intact
4. Mysteries don’t develop but the words used to express those mysteries in doctrinal or dogmatic statements do.
5. If we will look at our lives and recognize that the limitations resulting from our choices and commitments have also opened the possibility of greater depth and if we will pursue that possibility instead of lamenting the limitations, resentment can turn to gratitude.
6. None of us could do what we do for others without being committed to the life we have chosen. Marriage has never worked; the priesthood has never worked. It has only worked for those who have been committed to making it work.
7. Making sense out of our life is something we do with our intellectual powers; committing ourselves to a way of life is something we do with our will.

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